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Sunday, November 13, 2005

This Weekend?

Lets see- after Friday morning's trip to the gun store and shooting range was a trip to SLC with the BSU for a Dr.s appointment and my first trip to a music store. I took in my dulcimer and the kind gent there hooked me up with a case and an electronic tuner and some picks. And he played music on my dulcimer! Just like that he set it on the counter and began playing music! It really works! I was really tickled and the clerk showed me several of the ways to use either a noter or your fingers to make notes and how chords can be played on the melody and drone strings.

And this weekend, I've learned to hack out a almost recognizable version of "Are you sleeping, Brother John." Its not pretty but its a start!

Saturday was a trip to The Home Depot for two new overhead lights for the almost finished family room and later a trip to the BSU's favorite place for dinner, Outback Steakhouse. The lights are low profile white circular flourescent units, 19" in diameter. There's two circular lamps in each so there is plenty of light in the room now. That ugly dangly light that I've hated for 6 years is finally gone and resting forelornly in the trash can! I also did some touchup work in the bathroom in the morning and we watched rented movies instead of going out for a movie.

Today the Boy's Tracker starter finally died after making horrible noises for 5 years and so he changed it while I supervised- and paid for the new starter, $140! I also got some practice with the dulcimer, installed the second light, cleared away most of the tools from the painting job and cleaned up the kitchen after breakfast.

And now its time to move some furniture around before finally getting to sit it it until bedtime!

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